Be Present, But Know When to Move

Lately, I keep having a thought circling around in my mind. That thought is to  “ be present, be still, be content, you are right where you are supposed to be. ”  And at the very same time there is another thought that keeps circling around in my mind – “put one foot in front of the other, keep going, take a chance.”

Opposite thoughts, aren’t they? I find though that they really intermingle nicely if you know how to balance the two.

A good friend and previous co-worker of mine left a printed quote on my work locker that says, “You are right where you need to be.” That thought, that idea, and that mentality brings so much peace. I can take a deep breath. I can slow down. I can appreciate the exact place that I am in, in any given moment, and feel no pressure to be anywhere else. It gives me permission to just be still.

But if we hold to that idea too tightly, we will never move. We will never progress. We will never take risks or jump in with both feet. We will never take that leap of faith that is sometimes needed to get us unstuck from a place we desperately need to get out of.

I’ve always been a firm believer that we should “make life happen.” I serve the God who speaks to the sea and we live in a world where sometimes things just happen without any persuasion of our own – both good and bad. But sometimes, it is up to us to create opportunities and find solutions for ourselves. It is up to us to make things happen. To make life happen. I say “life” but what I really mean is “living.” We all have life on earth, but are we really living?

be all there,

My son just turned two a week ago and we had his birthday party at a local park with all of our family. He loves going down big slides, but he is still a little timid at first and needs a little encouragement and also wants to be sure that someone is there at the bottom waiting to catch him. Whether that is mom or dad, or even his 4 year old big sister. She can at least break his fall.

He had a blast going down the fast and twisting big kid slides! I had fun just watching him, his sister, and all of their cousins playing together. As we rested that evening on the couch, I realized I hadn’t taken a single photo of him ALL day! On his birthday!!

So I got out my phone and re-dressed him completely in his birthday outfit and tried my best to get a photo of him standing still. Two year olds just don’t really stand still.

Somewhere along the line, while I want to preserve and remember all the good, fun memories that we’re making, taking photos has become less important. I’m embracing the live in action moments more. I am living in the present, making the most of every minute I have to play with my children and watch them laugh and run and explore and learn new things. I realize how quickly these moments pass.

Because it feels like I just had my kids yesterday, blinked, and they are all of the sudden 2 and 4 years old.

God places us perfectly and we often learn from these places. We are meant to sit there and idle a bit. This is where we gain experience and endurance, both of which offer wisdom to pass on to others who come to these same places after us.

But there are some areas in our lives where we need to move. We need to go down the big, twisting slide. Live a little. Be adventurous. Be brave and daring and trust that which you cannot see. Be hopeful and courageous. And LIVE! This life is so very short and I learn this more and more as every day passes.

So I choose to be grateful for where I am, trusting that God has placed me here for very good reason. And without rushing through these seasons of life, I keep my eyes opened wide, ready for opportunities that come my way and ready to create opportunities when the time arises.

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