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praying scripture,

Whether you’re a new or seasoned believer, having a consistent prayer life can be a struggle. For some, just finding the words to express their thoughts and feelings can be even harder. This is where praying scripture comes in! God’s Word gives us the words, right there in the Holy Bible!

For new believers or those still trying to figure out their faith entirely, prayer in general might feel a little strange. It may feel awkward at first talking to someone you can’t see. Or you may feel like you just don’t even know how to pray or where to begin.

For seasoned believers, prayer can sometimes become repetitious, monotonous, and in need of refreshment. At other times, our hearts can feel so overwhelmed, yet we have no words or we can’t seem to find the right words.

When we study God’s Word, we find many verses that connect directly with our thoughts, feelings, and circumstances.

In the Bible, we find people throughout scripture who experienced similar situations and feelings to ours and their words of prayer are written down for us. There are promises and truths that we desperately need to grasp and we can pray about these and claim them over the enemy.

We can pray the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6:9-13 NASB), the prayer that Jesus modeled to His disciples.  We can look into the book of Psalms, which is full of prayers, for scripture written by David and others singing God’s praises. This can be especially helpful in times when we don’t particularly feel like praising God – probably the time when we most need to do so. In the Psalms we can also find scripture of crying out to God for help to overcome the enemy, or even asking God to reveal Himself when the authors felt so alone.

Most Bibles have an index where you can find what It has to say about different topics (for example, perseverance) and then use those words as you pray about your situation. There are also powerful prayers woven throughout the New Testament beautifully written by the Apostle Paul.

Why not pray these same prayers?

You can take scripture and pray it word for word or use the scripture to influence your own words as you express your thoughts to God.

We can pray these words for ourselves and for others – our families, our leaders, our sisters in Christ, and people across the world! As an added benefit, praying scripture is another way to familiarize yourself with your Bible and reinforce God’s Word in your life! You will start memorizing scripture the more you read it and pray it aloud,  and you will be able to recall it when you need it.

Note: It is important to add that there are no wrong words in a humble and heartfelt prayer to the Father when we are seeking His will. In addition, when we’re overwhelmed and can’t find the words to say, we can come before the Lord in total silence, being still, and knowing He is God (Psalm 46:10 NIV). We can also ask Jesus to continue interceding for us (Hebrews 7:25, Romans 8:34) or simply ask God to hear the cries of our hearts.

As the Bible is full of passages that we can pray, this page will continue to be updated as new scripture is added.

I’ve begun with Prayers of Praise, verses of praise to the Father that we can pray joyfully and with a thankful heart!

prayers of praise,

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