Favorite Resources

Favorite Resources, catchonfire.com

These are some of my favorite resources! These are not affiliate links, just things I use regularly and love and think others may find useful as well.

Samaritan Ministries is a Christian based health share company and ministry. It is not health insurance, but rather takes the place of health insurance and has been a tremendous blessing to our family!

You Need A Budget is by far my favorite budgeting app and I have tried several. If you’re not budgeting, no matter your financial status, you may not be putting your money in the right places. This works like a digital envelope system. I never mistakenly spend money that I was hoping to reserve for something else! This has helped us drastically improve our finances as we can see where every dollar goes while allowing ourselves permission to spend a little fun money, within reason. It is $5/month and the best $5/month you’ll ever spend! I was skeptical at first too, but trust me – you will save so much more money than just the $5 if you’re weren’t using it!

Creative Market is a website to find anything digital, beautifully and creatively made. From fonts and graphics to templates and themes. Each Monday they offer a new set of 6 different and FREE downloads! I often find fonts, backgrounds, brushes to use in Photoshop, and so much more.

Hootsuite is something I’ve just started using recently. It helps me stay organized, plan, and schedule exactly when I want my social media posts to post. I usually schedule the day before, except with holidays, which I schedule days in advance so I can actually enjoy the holiday!

I hope you find these resources helpful! I will continue adding more so keep checking back!