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today is the day,

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I didn’t sleep very well the other night. I fell asleep feeling anxious and I kept waking up every couple of hours thinking about what the following morning would bring. I’d lie awake for several minutes each time imagining different scenarios and eventually my circling thoughts would lull me back to sleep. I woke up the next morning, my feet hit the floor, and I thought, “Today is the day.” I proceeded to get ready for my doctor’s appointment and off I went.

Our emotions, feelings, and thoughts are often based on past experiences. For me, I kind of feel like worry just runs in my blood. It comes all too natural for me. I think about what has happened in the past and worry that it will happen again. I also fear the unknown, a place, a season of life, or a situation I’ve never known before. What if I don’t see the outcome I hope for? What if something goes wrong? How will I handle it? What if I can’t handle it?

I’ve mentioned before the phrase that often comes up from others in conversation, “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” However, my personal thought is that He most certainly will. Not to tear us down or to break us apart, but to show us how desperately we still need Him. To show us that we can’t do this on our own.

I have two young children, ages 4 and almost 2. Anytime we are in the car they ask for their songs. We have a few different cd’s they listen to, one of them my daughter calls her “God songs.” It is the Fisher-Price Sunday School Sing-Along. The voices are appealing to children, the songs are catchy, and it is helping in building the foundation of their faith.

I love the simply written songs for children and the easy to understand stories in my daughter’s Bible that we read from together. Sometimes it is the most simple concepts that if we would apply them to our lives, they can change our perspective, our attitude, and our entire day. A song my daughter has loved and we have sang together from very early on is “This is the Day.” You’re probably familiar with this popular song, but if not, let me share the words:

This is the day (This is the day)

That the Lord has made (That the Lord has made)

We will rejoice (We will rejoice)

And be glad in it! (And be glad in it!)

It is the recitation of Psalm 118:24 (NKJV), a verse and song I have known since I was a young girl myself. This verse came to mind after my doctor’s appointment (of course after being anxious and worrying all throughout the night before) and I was reminded of this:

I am not to be concerned with the past (Isaiah 43:18) and I am not to worry about the future (Matthew 6:34). Every day that I am given is a day made by God. In trusting Him, without expending my time worrying, I can rejoice in the present moment. Because He is God and He is a good God.

Believe me, when disappointment comes, I know rejoicing is not what we often feel like doing. But can we at least agree that even in our disappointments, we know Who holds us in the palm of His hands? That we know Who holds and grants our tomorrows? And that we know Who sees the big picture? Our God is sovereign.

Let’s choose to live in today. Let’s rejoice today for the gift that it is even if you’re in the middle of disappointment, a letdown, or fighting a battle. Maybe you’ve got a messy house to pick up, several loads of laundry that still need to be folded (can I get an amen?!),  a deadline at work to meet, many children to bathe, or an important doctor’s appointment.

Whatever it is that you are facing today that may be causing you to feel anxious, worried, or simply not excited – repeat this verse (Psalm 118:24 NKJV), give thanks to the Lord, rejoice that He has made today and that you are living in His plan.


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