Why We Homeschool

Homeschool, child holding pinecones, learning through playI never imagined I would homeschool my children. In fact, when we found out I was pregnant with our first child, we were living in a medium sized industrial apartment with concrete floors and paper thin walls. While we could have made it work, it was definitely not my idea of the best place for raising a new baby. I imagined our neighbors yelling through the walls to quiet the baby down at 3am. So we went on a house hunt.

At the time, making sure we were in a good public school district was a priority for buying our first house. I researched elementary, middle, and even high schools and here we are now four years later and I’m researching homeschool curriculum!  Funny how things change.

God started placing the idea of homeschooling on our hearts about two years ago. When the topic came up between my husband and I, we agreed that our ministry first begins in our home. We wanted our children raised with biblical morals and values. That is certainly not to say that children who go to public or private schools aren’t raised well. I grew up in a Christian home and went to public school and turned out just fine!

It was largely the opinion that our children are our ministry and first priority. God entrusted these sweet blessings to us to raise and teach according to His Word. As we began giving this idea prayerful consideration, we felt very strongly that this is where God was leading us.

I recently went to my first homeschool convention in 2016 and it was very clear to me that I was in the right place. Solid confirmations are a great feeling! I learned so much through different sessions on an array of topics and I was also able to physically look through different curriculum and talk to representatives face to face and have all my questions answered.

Still, I have occasional fights with doubt and fear because homeschooling is new territory. However, I am progressively becoming more confident as I encounter other homeschooling parents and blogs for advice.  I have actually started homeschooling pre-K with our 4 year old thinking that if we can get some practice in now, Kindergarten will go much smoother! So we are trucking along very casually (hey, she’s 4, and it’s supposed to be all about fun now, right?!)  Our daughter is already learning so much that her new knowledge alone is boosting my confidence! We CAN do this!!

I remember hearing the saying, “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.” Those words have resonated deep in my heart and I remind myself of them every time I begin to doubt my ability to teach my children or wonder how I’m ever going to “get it all done.” So I encourage you, if you’re considering homeschooling or any other new endeavor that you feel God is leading you to, remind yourself of that quote. Pray on it. If you are obedient, He will give you everything you need to get the job done!

What made you decide to homeschool? Are you considering homeschooling? Leave a comment!

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